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Deprotection Of Cbz Using Ammonium Formate Synthesis


Deprotection Of Cbz Using Ammonium Formate Synthesis >>

















































Deprotection Of Cbz Using Ammonium Formate Synthesis, a little history of literature epub to mobi


Ammonium formate in combination with Raney nickel in methanol solvent efficiently reduces the aryl ketones, while alkyl ketones are inert to this condition9. The reactions are very rapid and high-yielding. All the reactions proceed in high yields. Reduction of carbonyl functionality is widely used in organic synthesis. Several reducible substituents such as methoxycarbonyl, methoxyl, carboxyl and cyano remain unchanged, however, nitro or halo groups are readily reduced or eliminated under the reaction conditions. Table 4Reduction of Carbonyl, Nitrile,Azide, Imine and Nitro Groups Substrate Time Product Yield PhCOMe5 hPhCH(OH)Me97%Cyclohexanone12 hCyclohexanol78%PhCH=CHCHO8 hPhCH=CHCH2OH92% PhCH=CHC(=O)Me18 h PhCH=CHCH(OH)Me72%PhCH2CN24 hNo reaction p-Me-PhSO2N35 hp-Me-PhSO2NH297%p-MeO-PhCH=N-Ph14 hp-MeO-PhCH2NH-Ph73% PhC(=O)COOMe8 hPhCH(OH)COOMe83%p-NO2-PhMe12 hp-NH2-PhMe68% . Green, P. Fig. Reduction ofα,β-unsaturated nitroalkenes. Mandal, J. The discussions in this review certainly establishes that catalytic transfer hydrogenation is a very efficient process for reduction under mild conditions. Wang, Y. Abbott, N. The reaction is carried out in methanolic solution and in most cases the reaction is over within 120 min at room temperature. 6c2930289c

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